The SocialTrendly Platform is a state of the art Personality Profiling and geospatial mapping system designed to create true understanding of global events of interest through conversational analysis. Our engineers include PhD Data Scientists with experience at companies like Yahoo! Labs and Microsoft. We use proprietary Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks to understand the context of events. We also perform Sentiment Analysis, Psycho-Linguistic Analysis and Predictive Analysis to understand the many facets of a fast moving event and the individuals within the social stream.

Our platform processes billions of data points from a user or brand's social media streams and then generates a total picture of events of interest.

We make it easier for companies, app builders, businesses and brands to understand their communities, customers and more.

Our platform makes it easier to surface critical events of interest, predict behaviors, improve your in-house recommendation engines and helps in positioning more relevant content to your users without hiring your own team of data scientists.


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